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Guaranteed Savings


Electrasource Advisors launched with one goal in mind — to offer 360-degree energy solutions for its clients with an executive team with more than 45 years of combined experience. We do this by providing a single source for multiple energy services. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

All the power hits the grid the same way. You have to buy it, but you don’t have to buy it the same way. Use less and pay less.

Energy Procurement Services

Energy Procurement Services

Our combined experience allows us to show you the big picture. We offer the most critical insight for maximizing energy usage savings and minimizing environmental impact when procuring energy. No matter how much the markets fluctuate, we’re in the know — which means so are you.

We can negotiate commercial energy solutions and transactions for you. We work with you one-on-one to determine your company’s needs, and then we make it happen. 

Improving power quality can typically result in significantly less usage and guaranteed savings.

Energy Efficiency Services

Energy Procurement Services

Our engineers evaluate the efficiency of your operations to identify areas of improvement and reduce energy consumption. They do this on not one, but three levels: from a simple walk-through audit to an investment-grade audit relying on a complete engineering study. We provide you with the comprehensive look you need to start your company on the path to socially conscience, cost-effective energy usage.

Alternative Energy

We make it easy for you to be environmentally friendly. Through turnkey energy solutions, including design, engineering, cost analysis and construction, we help you reduce costs and hedge against future price increases while decreasing your overall carbon footprint. We will advise you on any rebate programs that can reduce net outlay.


Upload a copy or photo of your energy bill here for a free audit. We’ll show you how you can save. Simply put, we take both sides of your bill — what you use and the cost of transmitting it — and make it lower.

Attach a photo of your energy bill here for an indicative quote.